On Site Commercial Shipping Containers 8 x 20

Commercial Shipping Containers 8 x 20

Rent or purchase our 8ft x 20ft on-site commercial shipping containers from Aaron Eubanks at Southern Illinois Storage. Southern Illinois Storage offers portable storage containers and commercial shipping containers. Our commercial shipping containers are delivered to your home or business placed on your property where you need it most. We are the only business in Southern Illinois that offers this type of container delivery system.

We DELIVER where you need STORAGE!!!!

Delivering Portable Storage Since 2013.  


When delivering our commercial shipping containers we don’t drive our truck or trailer on your property. With our low-impact delivery system we take special care not to damage your driveway or lawn. The Commercial Shipping Containers are unloaded off our trailer at the street.

We park on the street to unload our Commercial Shipping Containers.

Our commercial shipping containers have specially engineered dollies on one end and a machine on the other.  We pick up then roll the container off the trailer and place it on your property where you need it most.

Commercial shipping container rolling into place where you need most.

We deliver commercial shipping containers where others can’t. We know commercial jobsites are limited on space and we can place commercial shipping containers inches away from where you need them most.

One Trip 8 x 20 Shipping Container SouthernIllinoisStorage.com 618-724-9238

We deliver on site portable storage containers where others can’t. No worries about cracking your driveway or driving on your property. Our commercial shipping containers have specially engineered dollies attached to one side and a machine on the other.

Our containers roll off our trailer and roll on your property. We don’t dump or drag containers on your property.


No deposit required just pay your delivery fee, pick up fee and first months rent. No minimum rental terms you keep our portable storage container as little or as long as you want.  We prorate your rent each day and it is subtracted from your balance. If finished early any credit on your account is refunded to you.

Rent or Purchase 8′ x 20′ Commercial Shipping Containers

Family Owned and Operated since 2002
Delivering portable storage containers since 2013
Owner Aaron Eubanks 618-724-9238
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