The Increased Popularity of Mini Self Storage Facilities

Nowadays, one trend that appears to be growing rapidly is the popularity and construction of mini self storage units. Generally, these units are just the same as other self storage units, in the sense that there are many different sizes of units for consumers to pick from. Also, based on the customer’s requirements, these facilities can be found outdoors or indoors.

These units are called “mini” self storage units, because most of them use the same sized swing open, or roll up, door. Nonetheless, the interior of one specific unit might not necessarily be the same size as another. However, normally, the doors are and these tend to be narrower, compared to doors used on a standard self storage unit.

Recently, the increase in the number of mini self storage facilities being built has been unprecedented. Maybe people simply have too many belongings. Or, maybe most people have had to vacate their houses in a declining property market.

It seems that, wherever you look, a new mini self storage facility has appeared. These units seem to fill up with people’s belongings very quickly. Sometimes, this happens almost as soon as they are built.

You may have several reasons for renting a mini self storage facility. Whatever your reason is, one thing’s for sure. Now is the best time to do it by a long way.

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