Invest in the right Self Storage Lock.

Investing in the right self storage lock could be the difference between your unit being broke into or the criminal passing your unit by to an easier score.  Saving a few dollars on a lock at the grocery store or even reusing a lock that you may have used for your locker when you were in high school just isn’t in your best interest.  Where ever you are storing your property it makes since to spend a little more for that security.

There are so many types of locks at the store you may ask “Which lock works best to secure my storage unit?”  “Should I just buy the most expensive lock they have?” “Are the larger locks the best”

First if the lock is small, shinny and cheap looking don’t bother.  A small lock is no match for a small pair of bolt cutters that will snip though your lock in a few seconds.  There are some locks like the one pictured below if big enough are very difficult to cut with bolt cutters. Use the size of your finger as a guide.  If the shackle is smaller than your finger pass it will be too easy to cut.  If the shackle is as large as your finger it could work to deter a potential break in.

lockThink???  Hardened Steel & look for Shorter Shackle.


Second look for locks with an anti pick tumbler.  I think it is unlikely that your lock will be picked but don’t make it easy for them to break in. Locks like the one pictured below has a Hardened steel shackle, a short shackle that can’t be cut with bolt cutters, and a anti-pick 6 pin tumbler.  We sell the locks below as an addition to the special locks provided with rental.  These locks can still be cut off with the right angle grinder with a cut off wheel. It makes a lot of noise and throws a bunch of sparks.  Draws a lot of  attention to the potential criminal breaking in. Still is one of the best locks to deter a break in. Call 618-724-9238 to purchase one of these locks.


C-970-CD-KD     Think Anti-Pick, Hardened Steel & Short Shackle.

**Purchase a Lock on eBay***


Some self storage facilities provide special locks with rental.  We provide our customers with Special Guardian Cylinder locks with the rental.  This type of lock makes the unit appear vacant.  The lock blends in with the door latch and since all of our storage units have the same lock who knows if the unit is full or empty.  Adding a second lock to our units will further deter someone that looking for that easy break in.


best lock

If your storage facility offers you a lock to use or even one to purchase they have first hand knowledge of what works listen to  them.  If they don’t offer any locks do your research look for Anti-Pick, Hardened Steel & Short Shackle. If all else fails call us we sell disc locks exclusively for self storage for only $10.


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