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Portable storage containers are called many things like PSU portable storage units, PODS, shipping containers, Conex, storage bins, storage sheds, moving containers and construction storage.  Our portable storage units come in 16′ and 20′ sizes better to serve your needs.



Our portable storage units are delivered from the street not to damage your property by driving our truck or trailer on it.  Our portable storage units have wheels attached to one side and a special machine on the other. The special machine then rolls the portable storage unit off the trailer and placed on your property where you need it most. We place 4x4s under the unit leveling the best we can and take the wheels off.

SouthernIllinoisStorage.com 618-724-9238

SouthernIllinoisStorage.com 618-724-9238


We deliver when others won’t.  We know when stuff happens and you need storage in a hurry.  Most of the time we can deliver same day within hours of your call if need be. Sometimes we have to deliver the next day, but make every attempt to accommodate you.


We don’t require a deposit for our portable storage units. You pay first months rent, delivery fee and pick up fee upon delivery.  We accept all major credit cards, money order, checks or cash. We subtract daily rent from the monthly rent until its time for renewal. If you are finished with the unit before the monthly rent is depleted any credit left on the account it will be refunded to you.  There are no minimums rental time with our portable storage units keep them as little or as long as you like.  Call or text me for a quote 618-724-9238 you can E-Mail to Aaron@SouthernIllinoisStorage.com or contact us above.

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As a Family Owned and Operated business when you call for a self storage unit you reach me Aaron Eubanks the Owner.  Our family started our self storage business September 02/2002. Our family worked very hard to provide the very best self storage experience for our customers.  We chose the very best self storage building manufacturer for our facility.  We upgraded the locking system with cylinder locks to help provide a more secure facility.  We also sell disc locks especially for self storage for only $10 to double your security.

Sizes: 5 x 10 – 10 x 10 – 10 x 15 – 10 x 20

Southern Illinois Storage provides self storage solutions for area Southern Illinois towns. We offer dry affordable self storage, engineered all steel buildings for your self – storage needs. Specially designed Guardian cylinder locking system (picture 1 below) included at no extra charge plus the standard padlock locking option.

All Steel construction setting on six inches of concrete that has a 1  1/2 inch step that sets behind the roll up door.  Below the concrete and vapor barrier we poured four inches of one inch drainage rock setting on two – three inch base rock which allows water to drain away from Storage units.  All of our ceiling fasteners are in metal C headers so if ever were to leak would into that C channel. Your welcome to visit us anytime to look for yourself.


As a Family Owned and Operated business when you call for a portable storage unit you reach me Aaron Eubanks the Owner. When the portable storage unit is delivered to you I personally deliver each and every portable storage unit. Our family started offering 16′ portable storage units in 2013 and offer 20′ portable storage units November 2019.  We will be offering 20′ shipping containers delivered to Southern Illinois the first of 2020.


Call or text me for a quote 618-724-9238 you can E-Mail me at Aaron@SouthernIllinoisStorage.com or contact us by clicking above.

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About the owner my name is Aaron Eubanks. I am a life long resident of Southern Illinois attending school in Christopher, Illinois and living most of my life in Buckner, Illinois. After high school I worked full time at a local factory and I went to college at night. I took several classes, but was most interested in business classes. I completed my classes at college and took what I learned to the bank in the form of a business plan. After meeting with the loan officer and answering all there questions they approved my loan. This started my journey in the self storage industry.

With help from family and friends we built our first self storage building in September 2002. We went on to build two more several years later.  I wouldn’t of been able to it without the help of my family members and friends. In 2013 we expanded to offer portable storage containers.  No other business in Southern Illinois offers the same type of portable storage container that we do. We park on the street then roll our portable storage containers off and roll them on your property where you need it most. I still have family and friends that support our business by sharing our services with others and being there when we need help.  Again we wouldn’t be able to be successful without all of their help. I thank you with all of my HEART!

I work very hard to provide the very best in everything Southern Illinois Storage has to offer you as a customer. We are different from the self storage facility you may see down the street.  I chose to offer a different self storage experience by cleaning, spraying bug repellent, setting off bug bombs, mice bait, glue traps, mice bait traps outside, keeping outside of the facility clean, offering different payment options (accepts all major credit cards, checks, money orders and cash), sending out invoices, prorate your rent so when you are finished renting with us any credit is refunded to you, and provide special guardian cylinder locks all at no additional charge to our customers.

Hope you know a little more about me and how my business Southern Illinois Storage was built. Give me a call 618-724-9238 let me earn your business.


Southern Illinois Storage

Storage Solutions for Southern Illinois

since 2002



Manage Account Online make a payment, set up your account for auto payment, view your payment history, or print receipts. With Auto Bill Pay NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT BEING LATE!

 If you are moving, selling or buying a home, need extra storage space or just need to move clutter, Southern Illinois Storage offers temporary, long-term and portable on site self storage solutions. Located just 10 minutes from Interstate 57 take exit 71 west on Highway Route 14  South over the railroad tracks.

Nearby towns include:

5-10 miles: Benton, West City, Sesser, Christopher,Mulkeytown, Zeiglar, Royalton, Coello

10-20 miles: West Frankfort, Herrin, DuQuoin

20-30+ miles: Carbondale, Marion, Mt Vernon

Southern Illinois Storage

208 E Railroad St.

P.O. Box 86

Buckner, IL 62819

We Pledge to Provide the Best Self Storage Services to Southern Illinois.

Call Aaron today about your storage needs.


Office: 618-724-9238

Cell: 618-724-9238




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