Portable Storage Units

PORTABLE STORAGE UNITS Portable storage units are called many things like PSU, PODS, portable storage containers, shipping containers, Conex, storage bins, storage sheds, moving containers and construction storage.  Our portable storage units come in 16′ and 20′ sizes better to serve your needs. DELIVERY PROCESS Our portable storage units are delivered from the street notContinue reading “Portable Storage Units”

New Portable Storage Containers

New Portable Storage Containers ready to be delivered to your home or business.  Southern Illinois Storage now offers convenient portable on site self storage. . Residential On Site Storage . Home improvements? De-clutter to sell your home? Take your time moving? Store family’s furniture? . Business On Site Storage . Inventory surges? Record storage? Remodeling? Special events? .Continue reading “New Portable Storage Containers”

The Use of Mini Self Storage Facilities

One of the rapidly growing trends nowadays is the construction of the mini self storage units. These are actually very similar to regular storage units available in the market and they also come in various sizes. These units are very popular among users since they can be very flexible when it comes to their function.Continue reading “The Use of Mini Self Storage Facilities”

How a Mini Self Storage Facility Can Help You Reduce Clutter

If you are like most people, your home is likely lacking sufficient storage for all your possessions. Whether you are moving to a new home and need temporary storage or removing the clutter from your current home, a mini self storage facility can provide affordable solutions. In most cases, you can rent a unit onContinue reading “How a Mini Self Storage Facility Can Help You Reduce Clutter”

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